Family and Ancestors of Mark D. Aubrey

James Emmett BUSH [Parents] was born 1 in 1842. James married 1 Virginia SIMMONS on 24 Apr 1867.

Virginia SIMMONS was born 1 on 13 May 1844. She died 1 on 11 Nov 1888. Virginia married 1 James Emmett BUSH on 24 Apr 1867.

Amos GORDON. Amos married 1 Louisa BUSH.

Louisa BUSH [Parents] was born 1 in 1844. Louisa married 2 Amos GORDON.

Hiram CHANCEY. Hiram married Mariah BUSH.

Mariah BUSH [Parents] was born 1 in 1846. She died 1 on 1 Apr 1914. Mariah married Hiram CHANCEY.

Robert CASTO. Robert married 1 Melissa BUSH.

Melissa BUSH [Parents] was born 1 on 5 Apr 1854. Melissa married 1 Robert CASTO.

George CARNES.

Elizabeth BUSH [Parents]. Elizabeth married 1 George CARNES.

William GARNES. William married 1 Virginia BUSH.

Virginia BUSH [Parents] was born 1 on 15 Aug 1860. Virginia married 1 William GARNES.

George B. BUSH [Parents]. George married 1 Victoria BURROUGH on 18 Jan 1880.

Victoria BURROUGH. Victoria married 1 George B. BUSH on 18 Jan 1880.

William Siebert BUSH [Parents]. William married 1 _____ MCCULLOUGH.


Lovick P. BUSH [Parents] was born 1 on 27 May 1868. Lovick married 1 Laura GARNES on 1 Oct 1891.

Laura GARNES. Laura married 1 Lovick P. BUSH on 1 Oct 1891.

James RIDDLE [Parents] was born 1 in Cal 1745. He died 1 on 26 Feb 1816. James married Dorcas Ann WELCH.

- On January 26, 1802, James signed an indenture to Hiram GOFF in Randolph Co., VA to clear forty acres of land, build a house and a barn and plant a hundred apple trees in exchange for "Salathiel Goff's Holly Meadows Farm." This farm was sold to George Long by James' son Benjamin November 2, 1819 for $5,400.

Dorcas Ann WELCH. Dorcas married James RIDDLE.

They had the following children.

  M i
Benjamin RIDDLE was born 1 in Cal 1765 in Allegheny, Maryland, United States.

- Benjamin was commissioned Justice of the Peace in Randolph Co., VA April 8, 1817.  The family moved to what is now Gilmer Co., WV and became one of the first settlers in that county.  he built a water powered mill at the mouth of Leading Creek.
  F ii
Dorcas RIDDLE was born 1 in Cal 1773.
  M iii
James RIDDLE Jr. was born 1 in Cal 1777.
  M iv
John RIDDLE was born 1 on 30 Jun 1778 in Georgetown, Cecil, Maryland, United States. He died 1 in 1843 in Roane, Virginia, United States.
  F v
Elizabeth RIDDLE was born 1 in Cal 1779.
  M vi Jeremiah RIDDLE was born in Cal 1786. He died before 1850.

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